Michelle Kilty

Wealth Advisor

Michelle believes that a great financial plan allows you to make the best possible decisions with your money. Regardless of how much money you have or the size of your investment account, the key to your success is the plan you put in place. Michelle also believes that everyone’s situation is unique and so is everyone’s financial plan - Financial Planning is an ongoing process, it’s not a one-time event. It starts today and lasts the rest of your life.

Michelle will be there to assist you with your ever changing needs and ensure those needs are met with sound advice. Her aim is to provide you with the comfort you’ve made the right choice; she is always there to help.

Michelle has over 30 years’ experience in the Financial Planning industry. Her passion is people; whether it is sharing a movie or dinner with her husband and three adult children, helping clients exceed their financial goals or just stopping to have a chat with friend, you will always find her smiling and full of life.